If Epstein Sinks Alone Then It Is Just Optics, Not Justice

Underage girls were not a bug of Epstein’s friendships, they were a feature.

What happens next in the case of the billionaire sex predator is going to say a lot about the authenticity of our justice system. Is it really interested in rooting out the depravity and criminality in the ruling elite, or does it just make an occasional display to placate us?

We all remember being kids and how easily we were influenced. The allure of befriending the kid who can get away with things that most of us cannot should be easy enough to recall. You would stay the night at the house of the family with no weekend or summer bedtimes. You would eat dinner with the kid whose parents lived on pizza and Happy Meals, and had no highfalutin’ ideas about food pyramids and veggies.

And when it comes down to it, we are still pretty much influenced in the same way. Relationships that help us escape restrictions are highly sought.

This is the reason why men like Donald Trump and Bill Clinton hung out with Epstein, because in his house, all the rules about not having sex with underage girls flew out the window. The desires of men who seek power and domination drew them to a man who had no scruples or legal obstacles (that he could not buy his way around) preventing him from procuring and providing those kind of sexual experiences. There is almost no way that his close friends did not know what he was up to, and very little chance that most did not participate in his depravities.

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Most anyone with experience interacting with heavy drug users has seen this sort of relationship dynamic play out. An abuser will surround their self with other abusers to insulate their behaviors. Trust is built by using together, and hiding it together. There is no reason psychologically to believe that there is a difference in how sexual deviants think and behave from other kinds of deviants, like substance abusers.

So if the Epstein ship sinks without a bunch of other powerful men aboard, then you might wanna hold your applause. Consolation prize justice for the sake of optics and politics may snag a predator on occasion, but mostly just creates consent for the far more numerous occasions when the system protects those sort of people. That is, in fact, the very nature of it’s existence.

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