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Imagine There’s No Countries…To Go Back To

Nationalism will not be tamed, and will inevitably give rise to division, racism and xenophobia; which is why nation states must be made obsolete.

In the wake of Trump’s most recent dehumanizing and disgraceful remarks, mainstream liberals have doubled down on their naive idea of utopian nation that is inclusive and equitable. FDR quotes are flying around social media fast enough to make your head spin, and as I twist and hop and duck to avoid their embarrassing logic and saccharine sentiment, the Neil Young lyrics “kinder, gentler machine gun hand” running through my head provide enough comic relief to make the bombardment bearable.

Last night Ilhan Omar told a glad-handing crowd that Trump is scared because she and ‘The Squad’ are encouraging Americans to dream. If only Omar and The Squad were capable of dreaming bigger themselves.

Those things we call borders, those invisible lines between Us and Them, are the most potent manifestation of division that could possibly exist. They represent all the tribalism, racism and xenophobia that humanity have entertained through our history to the most potent degree possible. The nation state itself exists only to uphold division and inequality.

This attachment to preserving the nation state is not just a failure to recognize the facts, but a failure of imagination. Liberalism continues to contribute to the regressive ideologies and practices of patriarchal conservativism by such gleeful support of its most powerful institution — the nation state.

While I could write 10,000 words attempting to outline the facts and logic involved, or deconstructing the psychology of patriotism, neither would be helpful. Both methods have been repeated ad nauseum, which has caused liberals to dig in. You cannot help someone who does not want to be helped.

But damnit, liberals, I implore you to imagine there’s no countries, as John Lennon sang. I believe your hearts are in the right place, and I believe you would be powerful allies to those of us on the actual left if you can just get past your own embarrassing and hypocritical attachment to nationalism.

Don’t let the narratives of regressives hold you back. Everything is possible, but only if we work towards it. The game of political expedience binds you to your own subjugation, and makes you complicit in the subjugation of others. Forget what you have been led to believe can and cannot be accomplished. Focus on how to beat the odds, not how to game them towards some favor. The house always wins.

In case the metaphor isn’t clear, the house represents a nation state entity and its administrators and benefactors in the wealthy and ruling class.

Imagine there’s no countries. It’s easy if you try.

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