Me Too, Except You, Neil deGrasse Tyson

How to escape the scrutiny of the #MeToo movement by being too popular to fail.

The employers of Neil deGrasse Tyson, which include Hayden Planetarium, FOX and the Koch Brothers, have concluded their investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse made by three women. The findings of that investigation remain shrouded in secrecy, and SURPRISE, the Pat Robertson of televised pop science gets to keep his gigs.

So far I have heard no outcry from the #MeToo movement, and even outlets like Jezebel are only reporting the outcome, with no hint of skepticism that a secret internal investigation may not have had anyone’s interest but their own and Tyson’s in mind. The #MeToo movement has been unrelenting in exposing predators that have escaped consequences from official investigations, and rightfully so, since those investigations are often stacked in the favor of the aggressors. And many of the movement’s targets have been accused of far less than Tyson, who has also made numerous misogynistic remarks in the past, and should not be considered above suspicion by virtue of his character. So how did this happen?

The mainstream liberal outrage that has fueled the much-needed #MeToo movement has largely been conducted by the segment of our society that most strongly identifies with the ideology of scientific materialism. Among the figures of modern scientific materialism, Tyson is the undisputed heavyweight superstar. He has become a hero and champion of the worldview that mainstream liberalism holds so dogmatically dear.

It is likely because of this overlap that the #MeToo movement has quietly overlooked the crimes of Tyson, and given him a free pass from the skepticism and scrutiny they generally unleash on those accused of such heinous acts.

This is how rape culture works, folks. When we are willing to hypocritically look past the trespasses of those we consider ‘one of us’ - we help to silence victims and normalize sexual predation.

Giving Tyson a pass not only undermines the movement through inconsistency and hypocrisy, it further victimizes those who were hurt by his deeds. Not only must they live with what was done do them, they must now do so in a society in which even those who would seem to be their allies have turned against them, rather than question one of their own idols.

Is preserving the worldview of scientific materialism, which Tyson represents, really more important than justice and ethical consistency? It would appear so, and that is horrifying. That the #MeToo movement can so willingly turn a blind eye to those they just plain do not want to believe are guilty illustrates that it is being colonized by rape culture, and will soon become more problem than solution.

For shame.

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