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Twitter Tag #OKBoomer? Goes Viral During Pandemic Backpedaling


Given the events of 2020, things that were a big deal not too long ago now seem incredibly distant and irrelevant. For instance, the shade that millennials were throwing on their grandparents with the Okay Boomer trope earlier this year all but disappeared in a fog of tigers and disease.

However, thanks to the widespread moral posturing and performative concern that has been ushered in by the Coronavirus, the trope has returned in the form of a trending hashtag on Twitter; which appears to ask boomers if they are okay.

The hashtag was first conceived by a popular online satirist, and quickly spread to those who didn’t get the joke. Ironically, the majority of the tweets using the hashtag appear to be asking the question literally, rather than mocking the inconsistency with which people apply their stated values.

While the original Okay Boomer trope appeared fairly innocuous on the surface, within the larger context it could be seen as a dismissal of an entire generation. It whispered ‘die already’ under its breath, as an implicit commentary on how millennials felt about the generation who have spent the last decade blaming them for everything changed or wrong in the world.

Now, however, as people are tripping over one another with competitive posturing about who cares the most about the sanctity of life — the boomers provide a perfect subject to appeal to in the weaponized rhetoric carpet-bombing social media in a blitzkrieg of righteous outrage. The current ‘empath’ image du jour is adapting well to anti-social behaviors and attitudes, and deciding that doing so makes you a hero, while reducing everyone else to a political caricature based on a ridiculously false dichotomy — Lockdown Enthusiast or Trumpster.

Almost overnight the rhetoric, sentiment and logic of conservatives was appropriated by liberals. The list of stolen talking points reads like a cover album by the Left of the Right’s greatest hits.

But Did You Die?

Survival Before Quality Of Life

Fuck Yer Feelz

Suck It Up, Buttercup

Muh Brave Heroes

Depression Is Not A Real Health Problem

Shady Statistics To Override Key Moral Issues

Apocalyptic Predictions

Feared For My Life

Rule Of Law And Order

Convenient New Constitution Interpretations

…and the smash hit…

Just Obey And You’ll Be Okay

The shift has been so pronounced that the Bernie Bro in your apartment complex is now increasingly likely to go full-on-Karen and call the cops on you for not wearing a mask to the laundry room.

Meanwhile regressive 2nd amendment fanatics who have ignored the massive (and still growing) police state and industrial prison complex for decades are now suddenly concerned about civil liberties and hardships on the most socioeconomically fragile.

Long after Covid19 has slipped into the cracks of history, 2020 will be remembered as the year of The Great Flip Flop.

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