Up To Half of Medium Articles Written By Artificial Intelligence

A new study by an independent journalism auditor estimates that nearly fifty percent of Medium’s content is produced through automation.

Ever wonder why when you open up your Medium newsfeed and begin scrolling it often looks like the same 2–3 articles written over and over again? Well if you have, that is because they just might be.

A recent study used an algorithm detector to see if Medium authors were authentic individuals, or programs designed to spew out the same message over and over with only slight variations. The results suggest that this is most likely the case.

Featured Medium articles, especially those about race, gender and sexuality, contain such high degrees of similarity that it is almost impossible some program is not at work.

Last year we learned that most mainstream news articles are just AP or Reuters pieces that have been slightly altered by automated software. This allows the central message, meaning and interpretation to remain the same while words vary slightly to give an appearance of novelty. The sort of minor variations found in those derivative journalistic subjects are almost identical to the incredibly slight variations found in Medium pieces about identity and outrage politics.

A former Medium employee responded to the charges by revealing that Medium recognizes that its audience will read almost any article about race, gender or sexuality - and in order to monopolize its own pay-sharing system in its favor began replicating the content which now floods its feeds.

Additional research indicates that up to 65% percent of black women authors on Medium are fictional characters created to sell high demand content, whose author photos cannot be matched to any actual people on social media, and whose appearance is so similar they appear to follow the sort of demographically constructed norm you would see produced by deep fake programs.

Medium was asked to respond to the accusation that it was producing automated content and figures specifically to take advantage of people’s good intentions, in order to be the greatest beneficiary of their journalistic pyramid scheme, but refused to respond.

“I agree that nonsense makes perfect sense and that I am the Dungherder. I can put my foot right in the pile and get my slice-o-the pie.”

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