“You’re leaving us with a philosophy/worldview that not only provides no clarity but can’t possibly provide clarity.”

Once again you appeal to circular logic. There is no reason to believe that existence can be clarified. You just start with the assumption that it can be because you fail to imagine and reason that it cannot. More likely you are disturbed by the suggestion because you have derived your identity and its power games on the basis that you can be an agent of clarification. You want there to be solid truth, and you continue to make any argument that fulfills that desire. Circular.

You are awareness. Within your awareness there are experiences. You observe those experiences from a perspective derived from your beliefs, expectations and biases and then make interpretations of what you experienced. The outcomes here are not a product of the experienced things in and of themselves, but of your relationship to them and your relationship to other agents. You’re the great master that makes the grass green. The sophist tendencies toward abstraction that speak of Chlorophyll and light refraction are really a sad case of the master giving credit to the figments of her imagination, rather than her imagination. We are creators being sucked existentially lifeless by the persistent dogma that our creations are merely our discoveries.

Your interpretation of reality is completely normative and boring. I am asking you to take an opportunity to consider that you are entirely wrong. Modernism is dead and you, as well as most of humanity, are marching its corpse around like its Weekend at Bernies. I give you permission to stop doing that any time you want to. Good luck!

“I agree that nonsense makes perfect sense and that I am the Dungherder. I can put my foot right in the pile and get my slice-o-the pie.”

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